Variety Descriptions

Moonglow-This is a medium to large pear with yellow fruit and a pink blush. The flesh is mildly juicy with a smooth texture, a mild flavor and almost no grit cells. It is an excellent choice for fresh use or for canning.

Bartlett- This is the standard against which all other pears are compared. Large, golden yellow fruit has a smooth, juicy white flesh and a pleasnt touch of tartness. A perfect choice for fresh eating, canning or preserves.

Comice-The flesh of this pear is rich, juicy, firm, sweet and so finely textured that it is too delicate for cooking. The broad based, narrow necked fruit is a greenish yellow color and originated in Angers, France.

Bosc-Medium to large, dark yellow fruit with brownish russeted skin and long, gourd-shaped neck. Tender, aromatic, juicy, smooth textured, white flesh. Rich, slightly acid flavor. Fine for eating, baking and drying.