There are hundreds of Apple varieties that could be chosen for an orchard. We have chosen varieties that represent the full spectrum of apple varieties with an apple for everyone’s taste.

Variety Descriptions

Gravenstein-Known for its fine flavor, this apple is also unexcelled for cooking. It makes wonderful pies, desserts, sauces and cider. The apple harvest begins with this favorite apple.

Pacific Gala- This is one of the more popular Gala strains being planted today. It is a relative newcomer in the apple world having been discovered in 1989. With a sweet and pleasant flavor this apple is available in late August.

Honeycrisp-The Honeycrisp is the star of the orchard and our favorite apple. True to it’s name the apple is crisp and juicy and makes for a very enjoyable eating experience. Our bet is you can’t eat just one!

September Wonder (Fuji)-Also known as the Jubilee Fuji, this the earliest ripening of the Fuji strains. The skin has a reddish blush with creamy white flesh and typical Fuji flavor.

Rubinstar Jonagold-This Jonagold strain is licensed in Germany and produces a large fruit striped red over yellow. It has a firm, cracking, slightly tart flesh and is one of the finest dessert or eating quality apples. It is one of the later apples to ripen and is available beginning in late September

Kumeo Crimson Red (Braeburn)-The Braeburn is the last apple to ripen in the orchard. The fruit is medium to large in size and of very high quality. It has an orangish red blush over a yellow background with a crisp and tangy flavor.